January 2017 Income Report – Revenue $407

January 2017 Income Report – Revenue $407

I remember those happy summer evenings when I was in boarding school; packing my bags to go home for the summer holidays, carefully stowing away my pink report card. A Pink Card meant I had scored above 80% marks! Yes, that was an innovative marker that our school used, to give out grades.

The top performers literally got pink colored report cards, the ones just below them got blue cards and the ones who had just barely passed got white cards and finally the ones who had failed the tests, got yellow cards!

I remember never having received any other color apart from pink. Not that I did not hate the day that report cards were distributed, it’s just that I loved getting pink every time!

Fast forward seventeen years (whoa, that’s a long time!) and I am still excited. Although I could not get done as much as I would have liked to this month (January), I still managed to get the ball rolling. (If you have not read about the progress I made in January, check it out here: Why I Cheated On The Million Or Nothing Challenge)

Just like I had mentioned in the Million Or Nothing Challenge post, I am trying out a bunch of things right now to try and see what works best. I have already started working on my first niche site and had published my first Kindle ebook for the challenge in December itself.

The purpose of publishing this income report each month is to keep myself on track and be as transparent as possible about my progress with the challenge. It serves as a great way to measure my results while also exposing what is not working.

As far as personal development is concerned I seem to have started out really well, in Dec-Jan executing my plans to near perfection. However, I have started to slack a little in February and have begun to lag behind my planned schedule for the challenge.

This challenge for me, is not just about the money that I make but about achieving my self-discipline goals and sharing my wins and losses with you.

In all honesty, I was not up to the mark in terms of execution in the first two weeks of February but I have stepped up my game in the last two weeks. However I’ll leave that story for the February income report.

For January, I think I did get stuff done but I still did not achieve the speed and time allotment that I need to hit my target for this year. Since this is such an ambitious challenge I need an absolutely epic level of discipline and a blinding speed of execution.

So, for January’s performance I would give myself a score 6 out of 10 purely for the self-development side of things.

As far as the moolah goes, here is exactly what I made:

1. Kindle ebooks:

Amazon.com - $106.26

Amazon.co.uk - 12.62 GBP ($15.66)

Amazon.de – 4.25 EUR ($4.51)

Amazon.fr – 1.95 EUR ($1.06)

Amazon.in – 131.45 INR ($1.96)

Amazon.ca – 2.06 CAD ($1.57)

Amazon.com.au – 3.19 AUD ($2.44)

Kindle Edition Normalized Pages (KENP) Read - 3381 = $19.905(approx.)

1. Total Income from Kindle ebook: $153.365

2. Freelance Writing: Rs. 8650 ($129) (Read more about it here)

3. The Online Selling Meet-up Ticket Sales: Rs. 300 X 28 = Rs. 8400 ( $125)

The tickets for this meet-up were prices at Rs. 300 which is around $5. It was a 2 hour long workshop about how you could get started selling physical products online in India. (Read more about it here)

However, I did not make any money off it. All of the money was spent on booking the venue and the snacks.

The primary purpose was to validate the idea for my first niche site and see whether people were willing to pay money to learn this stuff. As it turned out, 28 people bought tickets online showed up at the event, even with very little promotion on my part.

Total Revenue: $407


1. Domain & Hosting ( Siteground)= $83.40

2. Email Auto-responder Service (Getresponse) = $15

3. Thrive Content Editor= $67

4. The Online Selling Meet-up Venue & Snacks Expenses = $125

Total Expenses: $290.40

Net Profit: ($407 - $ 290.40) = $116.6

While I am far, far away from my ultimate goal of $83,333 per month, I do feel that this challenge has made me take more action and do more than I have ever done in the past. Ultimately, you have to realize that $407 is much better than 0, (which is what I had made last year, even though I have had these goals for years now!).

Now you can see clearly how much procrastination has cost me in the past and how much it costs you every day that you put off chasing your dreams!

If I can start from scratch and generate $407 in revenue in the first month itself, there is no reason why you should wait for one more day.

Making my goal public is certainly helping me work towards my goal even if my execution is not yet at the pace I would like it to be. However, I am pulling up my socks in February and hope to work harder and faster towards my goal.

Wish me luck & go take action. Leave a comment below, and mention one action that you took today to help you get closer to your goals.

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  1. well done man. Enjoyed the read and look forward to learning and hearing more about your journey I am doing something similar not quite as ambitious as your challenge but I hope I can also achieve my goals by you showing what is possible!

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