I Failed, Again.

I Failed, Again.

When I was in 6th grade at school, I saw my sister create a beautifully designed paper aquarium in a shoe box. I wanted to build one too, in a bigger and better box.

I was all excited about the project and hit the ground running on day one.

I had big plans. I invested a lot of time and the little money I had and as big as the project was, it would take a lot more time.

Gradually I began to lose interest.

I did get back to it here and there but it remained far from completion forever.

The reason I have shared this story is that this pattern has manifested itself in one form or another, over and over again in my life.

Don't get me wrong, there have been tremendous successes too and this by no means makes me a loser.

You have probably experienced this too if you are the entrepreneurial type or love to build things. You get all excited about something and then it loses steam as time passes.

One problem for me too, seems to be that the excitement for the project diminishes over time.

The other problem is that as a procrastinator I am overly confident in my ability to be able to do the task in a short span of time which makes me keep postponing it right until the last moment when there is not enough time left to complete it.

The end result is a failure or a back-breaking amount of work at the last moment that throws up a half-baked result. Be it my school or college tests or most other endeavors, completing things at the last moment has been my specialty.

Also, I tend to do well when I complete things at the last moment. This is because of two reasons.

The first is that I work really well under pressure. Even in extreme or emergency situations, I tend to keep my cool and get things done when others around me are freaking out.

The second reason I have done well when completing things at the last moment is that because the competitors were not as good and not in fact, because I had 'done well'.

In reality I have never really done well when I procrastinate on something.

​This is exactly what is happening to me on this challenge and this post gives you a clear, no holds barred look at what goes wrong with most people.

I started off on a great note (read about it here) and then began to lose interest and the excitement diminished progressively. I made a few posts here and posted my January Income  ​Report with $417 in revenue. 

Its now the 26th of March, I have not even posted my February Income Report and have made very little progress on my goals.

My initial plan was to hit $3000 in revenue by the end of March​. the reality is that, it is closer to $300. That is 90% lower than my goal. There is nothing to blame for this except my own complacency.

I have failed. Again.

One good thing is that I know exactly the steps I have to take to hit my goals​. So I have decided to take matters seriously from this moment onward. I have spent a lot of money and time to make this dream of mine come to life - this blog.

Although I do not believe that my reputation is on the line, (due to the fact that I have shared this Challenge on Facebook, ​with a lot of people I know). What I am worried about, is never getting the chance to do this again. 

So from here on, I have challenged myself to ​write one post every single day starting today.

This post goes Live on the 31st of March and I make a promise to You - and every reader of this blog who has spent their time on this blog that I am not going to let you down.

​Every single day from the 1st of April till the 31st of December, 2017, I am going to make a post here on the blog to bring you as much value as I can by sharing exactly what I am doing and the results that I get.

I have built a $2 Mn revenue company in the last 2 years and achieved other important milestones in my bucket list. This one looks harder than the rest but I love challenges​ and know exactly how GOOD victory tastes.

I am going to Win.


2 thoughts on “I Failed, Again.

  1. I am so happy your persevering through man! Your an inspiration to me in my journey. I have had this desire to do great things yet fear is holding me back. It’s scary putting yourself out there. I want to start a YouTube channel for last 3 months but have been putting it if I want to help people on it and share interesting things, experiences , thoughts and other things yet I am afraid as I feel like I’m no expert although many people who I speak to thank me much later for the conversations we have and people who are way older then me I am only 21. How have you over come fear in your life and what perspective do you have on fear. Your doing a great thing challenging yourself I am excited to read of your journey

    1. Hi Yura,
      It is definitely scary putting yourself out there! For me, the simplest way to overcome fear is by reminding myself what I stand to lose. The price of in-action is HUGE – even the few hundred dollars I have generated so far would not have been possible had I let myself be paralyzed by fear. Remember, 21 is the best time to put yourself out there – you can always brush off failures later by saying “I was young and stupid then” – But what if you are putting off something that could change your life forever? Isn’t that a risk worth taking?
      I challenge you to take action today. Here is a really helpful post to help you get started: https://www.smartpassiveincome.com/podcasts/set-up-your-youtube-channel/
      I want you to keep me posted about the progress you make.. Are You Up For It?

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