How To Make Money With Kindle Books

How To Make Money With Kindle Books

I remember when I was in 8th grade, I bought a copy of 'Digit' magazine, which talks about the latest gadgets and about the digital world in general. That month, they had a supplement about 'Google Adsense, which had just launched in India.

I was fascinated. You could make money out of thin air (or so i thought!) - you didn't have to sell anything or do anything!

I went hard at it. I set up a couple of blogs on Blogger's Blogspot domains and monetized them with Adsense. I was going to make money online.

You would be surprised how easy it was to sign up for Adsense at the time!

To this day I have ​a whopping $36.38 in my Adsense account. This was all the money I could make for my efforts.

Here is a screenshot:

My Total Adsense Earnings

My Total Adsense Earnings

The reason I have shared this story is because​ this was the first time I ever made money online. Although I did not see a penny of it in my hands, there was no stopping me.

I tried a bunch of things, right from micro tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk (which netted me some cool Amazon gift cards), Microstock Photography,​ a 'Make Money Online' blog that went by the name of '' (Its long past dead now!).

I had a bit success here and there but got no solid results until my first year in college, when Kindle Direct Publishing was launched in India.​

I published a short story ​(you can see it here) on the platform and was instantly blown away by how easy it was to publish your own book. I made very little money from this short book but got a couple of great reviews. 

That was enough. Before I could follow up on my plans to write a follow up novel and other stories, the make money bug bit me and​ over the next 12 months I reached a point where I was making  up to $2000 per month from non-fiction Kindle e-books.

This was the time when a lot of people were scamming the system. My books stood out from the crowd as I focused on providing value to the readers. This helped me build a sustainable business even as the scammers were blown out of the water and banned in hordes by Amazon.

I went on to garner positive reviews over time and to this day I receive anywhere between $400 to $600 a month from those books with zero promotion since the last 18 months.

Last December I published a new book and the revenue from it is growing every month. SO I have decided to create a Seven Part Series on how to make money by publishing Kindle eBook.

I will will be covering every detail right from how to set up your account to choosing the right categories, getting covers designed, getting sales, reviews, creating a powerful fan base, promoting your book for free, for both non-fiction and fiction books and a ton of other incredibly valuable stuff that I have learnt over the last 3 years.

The first post in the Seven Part Series will go Live tomorrow. Here is exactly what's in store for you: 

  • Part 1: How Kindle Publishing Works– Getting Started.
  • Part 2: How To Choose A Category & Decide The ‘Type’ of Book You Want to Write.
  • Part 3: The Exact Steps To Create A Stellar & Professional Book.
  • Part 4: How To Design The Perfect Ebook Sales Page on Amazon
  • Part 5: Getting Reviews and Sales For Your Kindle Book
  • Part 6: The Paid & Free Promotion Strategies That Actually Work
  • Part 7: The Steps To Build A Brand, A Loyal Fan Base & An Authority Business
  • BONUS: $300 In FREE Services For Your First Book!

And of course, this is all going to be 100% FREE! I've been working hard on this and I'm super excited about how this is going to turn out!

Before you go, leave a comment below with any topic that you want me to specifically cover in this upcoming series. Help me make it extremely valuable to you!

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